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We’ve been around long enough to realize real life is funnier than anything you can make up.

Mad Monkey was founded in 2000, on a commitment (which looking back, feels more like a dare) to create commercials that move people.

For over two decades, we’ve employed a crew of mad – as in crazy-good – researchers, writers, producers, directors, DPs and editors, but our responsibilities have always extended beyond these titles. Our producers and art directors write. Our writers direct and edit. Chapman, the office dog, orders lunch and takes messages. It’s a group effort.

Over the years, we’ve distinguished ourselves by our ability to capture deeply emotional performances from actors and non-actors alike. We’ve learned that research is the catalyst for great concepts. And a script is just a launching pad for greatness on the set.

Our job is to keep the doors open so the magic can happen.

It’s a philosophy that’s led to award-winning work with regional and national clients in the consumer industry, education, healthcare, nonprofits and government agencies. Work that has included commercials, brand movies, digital and social campaigns, as well as educational & training videos. (Never done wedding or birthday videos – being as we’re afraid of brides and clowns. But that's another story.)

Mad Monkey also happens to be a certified woman-owned business. And to provide health and retirement benefits for our extended family, the MM crew, we are a proud IATSE signatory.

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Let's talk about a project
Let's talk about a project
Let's talk about a project
Let's talk about a project