so What do y’all do?

We make stuff that sells stuff.

Usually, this translates to a commercial. Or a commercial campaign for broadcast or streaming channels. How do we do it? We get to know each other.

From the moment we all decide we’re a good fit, we consider your team an extension of ours. We join forces with ad agencies, internal marketing teams and direct clients alike. What matters to us is that your team is ready to push it. To give a respectful nod to the rules, and then crush them.

And so, the fun begins.

If you want to know more about our production process, give us a call. We’re happy to give you the play-by-play. Or, if you‘re the rare bird that likes to read words, here’s an outline. 

Things we do well

Brand Research & Creative Development

Scriptwriting & Storytelling

Production & Post Production

Animation & Visual Effects

Art Direction & Campaign Design Direction

Our Process is what makes us different

There’s a good reason you have so much fun on the day of your shoot
— you've earned it.

How it usually works


& Strategy

We don’t just shoot scripts; we figure out why people will want to watch them.


Concept &

Leaning on the research, we craft a storyline that paves the way for your product or service to swoop in for the save. 


Art Direction & Design

Our designers make sure all your assets are artfully connected so your campaign feels like an extension of your brand.



Whether we’re casting in Atlanta or Charlotte, NYC or LA, our director encourages actors to bring the unexpected to the table. As a result, your scripts become tighter, and stronger.



There’s one last character to cast – the location. With the help of scouts and years of collecting fave locales, we determine where the most “wow” can happen. Then we drop a pin on it. 



Whether your project is a one-day shoot or a weeklong production, we strategically match our A-list crew and equipment to the unique needs of your project. From travel arrangements, scheduling and logistics, we’ve got you.



Welcome to game day. It’s time to serve up the perfect cocktail of Zen and excitement. Starring a cast and crew whose purpose is to bring your project to life.


Edit, post

It’s in the can. Now our editors create multiple storylines to best capture your script. VFX team is on deck to create surreal kingdoms. Sound design is being sweetened; color correction is being tweaked, as we’re heading for the final mix. 


Release it
into the wild

We hand over your baby. Standing by to give you additional cuts, new renditions, whatever you need to maximize your investment. And yeah, we miss you already.

Here’s the deal. Whatever you do, whoever you do it with, it should lead to a good time. If you’re not having fun, you’re not doing great work.

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Lee price

Creative Director / Midlands Technical College

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