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Project Overview

“Hey, what about going to tech school?” You can almost hear the audible “hmmm” as frustrated employees and disillusioned highschoolers cock their heads for a new look. Midlands Tech, you mean where you can dodge a four year time-suck, and five to six figures in student loans? Sounds kind of smart. 

Especially to our target.

Research revealed that post COVID, many folks ages 17 - 35 feet lost, uninspired, with few career options that spark interest. Much less enthusiasm. They were looking for something different. A place where they could explore more career alternatives. Enter Maverick. A big blue bull that can walk on two legs and drive a golf cart. Better yet, he’s the new school mascot giving us a perfect impetus to recalibrate the brand. Instead of depicting Midlands Tech as the entrance ramp to a state university, we cued Maverick up as a catalyst for a smarter, more individualized choice. What if our target wants to believe they can find their own path. Follow your inner Maverick. 

Enrollments are up over 30% for the last two semesters. The largest increase in a decade. 

Say yes to some bull.

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AAF Midlands Special Judges Award
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