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The Players Club
The Players Club
The Players Club
The Players Club
The Players Club
The Players Club

Project Overview

How do we convince someone to download another app? What’s in it for them? Who’s got the time? Why add another icon to your app-junkyard? We said all these things to each other.  And then we remembered we’re talking to people who believe in a game where the odds of being attacked by a vending machine are greater than being a winner. So what’s the harm in joining a club where a ticket can get more than one chance? I mean, the audience is already cra. (We can vouch. We buy a lot of lottery tickets.) 

So we talked to ourselves. 

When you join the SCEL Players Club, you’ll always get more than what you expect. Like MORE chances for your losing ticket to win. Plus access to events, cruises and points that add up to cash dollars. Which can lead to things you never saw coming — like dancing on stage with Tay Tay Swift. Or meeting Lizard Man for breakfast. All you gots to do is join The P Club.

If you’re gonna play, you might as well get more.

Client Feedback

Josh Whiteside

Director of Marketing, SC Education Lottery


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